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A slight re-design for 2012! All the photos are still accessible from the menu above or by clicking on the pictures to the left.

Videos of Ali are now available to view on her page.

2014 November - Austin coming soon!
2014 February - Yes, it's about time! Disney photos are here!
2013 June - All photos up to date. Movies next....
2012 December - More October through December photos added
2012 5th November - More pictures from the UK and Ali's birthday shoot (Sept & Oct).
2012 17th October - Movies are now up to date.
2012 14th October - All photos from the summer and England are now online. Movies to follow.
2012 1st July - Florida photos and movies are online!
2012 7th April - Finally I found some time! New photos and videos from Feb and March!
2012 4th February - Added photos and videos from January